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Miami Rhinoplasty surgery is one of the most common cosmetic procedures that women and men alike go through today. Miami Rhinoplasty involves the improvement of the appearance of the nose. In the said procedure, the nasal cartilages, bones and tissues are modified so as to achieve the patient’s desired look. Sometimes, the surgery is required because the patient has undergone an accident or injury which has severely damaged the nose. Other times, it is done because the patient is suffering from a nasal obstruction and hence requires a procedure called septorhinoplasty.

Although undergoing Miami rhinoplasty surgery seems like a common procedure, patients have to go through a mandatory consultation with their plastic surgeon in order to thoroughly discuss the procedure and other important details.  One main example is the desired look the patient wishes to achieve. This has to be discussed carefully because sometimes, the desired look may not be realistic or compatible with the patient’s overall look. Therefore, in order to prevent any regrets, the limitations of Miami rhinoplasty surgery, as well as the limitations of what the particular surgeon is willing to do must be discussed thoroughly.

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Miami Rhinoplasty

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The surgery itself is an outpatient procedure. This means that the patient does not have to check into the hospital for an overnight stay after the surgery. After the Miami rhinoplasty surgery, he or she is free to leave the hospital or the clinic. It is highly recommended that the patient is accompanied by a family member or a friend right after the surgery in order to facilitate for his or her transportation, to make sure that the patient takes her medications, and generally just to make sure that he or she has help right after the operation.

Anesthesia must always be administered whenever one undergoes a Miami rhinoplasty surgery. On the eve of the procedure, an anesthesiologist has to check with the patient for any special medical conditions that the doctor must be aware of before proceeding with the administration of anesthesia. If your anesthesiologist fails to do this, you must take extra care to warn him or her of your allergies, the medicines you have taken before and everything you feel you must disclose in order to prevent any adverse reactions to the anesthesia during or after the Miami rhinoplasty surgery.


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It is also important to note that one must not take any aspirin-based product at least two weeks before the Miami rhinoplasty surgery. Meanwhile, anti-inflammatory medicines must be avoided at least a week before the surgery. That is why it is very important to check the ingredients of all the medicines that you are taking even if your Miami rhinoplasty surgery will still be in a few weeks time. Having aspirin or anti-inflammatory ingredients in them can cause adverse reactions to the patient.

Other important precautions to note are that smoking and eating should be avoided before the Miami rhinoplasty surgery. Doctors say that the intake of water, food or even chewing gum might jeopardize the patient’s health as this can cause complications with the anesthesia and recovery from the surgery.  You can get Miami Rhinoplasty Post Op information here.

Here at the Miami Rhinoplasty Center website we want to help you avoid having a nose job that could end up a disaster.   There are certain things you should know before you choose a surgeon.  There are questions you need to ask the surgeon to ensure you don’t end up in a nightmare situation where you have to end up getting revision Miami rhinoplasty done to correct the first procedure.  If your thinking on getting a Miami rhinoplasty procedure then be sure to enter your name, email and phone number at top right of website!


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